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Born and raised in Croatia, fine art nature photographer, Franka Mlikota Gabler developed a strong fascination and admiration for nature early in life. Gabler moved to California in 1997, and soon after experiencing her first wilderness backpacking trip the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The interaction of the water, rocks, sky, plants and wildlife of the high country mountains encouraged her to pick up the camera as a medium to express her feelings and share them with others.


While enjoying expansive views, more often she finds herself drawn to details of nature that are hidden, transient, or understated. While exploring around her home, she discovered the charm of Coarsegold Creek.  Dry most of the year does not attract too much attention, but comes to life with the first autumn rain to unveil a hidden beauty and splendor. Often she uncovers hidden personalities concealed within rocks, waterfalls and trees.  She has a special interest in capturing close ecological relationships that landforms, plants, and wildlife play in differing habitats.

She currently lives in the Sierra foothills, in the small mountain town of Coarsegold, California. Photography is her passion. While photographing, she feels at peace with nature.  She is the member of Yosemite Western Artists Association, and her photographs are published in the 2008 Yosemite Sierra Visitors Guide. 

She has a career as a scientist, with a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology

Franka Mlikota Gabler



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