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Three Stones in Ice by Jeff Grandy         Jeff Grandy was born in Connecticut in 1953.  He has lived, worked and photographed in and around Yosemite and the Sierra Range since moving from New England to California in 1978.


Grandy worked for the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite National Park for eleven years, conducting regular camera walks and giving photo lessons.   Jeff has also partnered with the Ansel Adams Gallery and the Yosemite Association to conduct workshops for beginning photographers.  His slide show, “Circle of the Season” was seen by thousands of Yosemite visitors over the eight years it was presented in Yosemite Valley.


He’s had work published by Sierra Press, National Geographic Books, Sierra Heritage and Yosemite Association among others. His photography is represented by the Ansel Adams Gallery, Stellar Gallery, and the Mariposa Arts Council. 


Storm Clouds, Mount Gibbs by Jeff GrandyThe Artist states; "I am so often in awe of the visual world around me.  It is my joy to be able to capture the emotional essence of that feeling on film.  When I do, I want every bit of that quality of emotion to end up on the finished print.  This means that all of the color, texture, and subtle nuance of the original scene need to reproduce faithfully in the final prints. For me, the digital darkroom allows that to happen.


            Since I’m not there with you to tell you the stories behind each image, my image has to speak for itself.  I was first moved to capture an image on film because the scene in font of me, and (and now in font of you), impressed me greatly in any of a dozen ways.  I don’t want to change what first drew me in.  By doing so, it would remove me one step further from you, the viewer.  I simply want you to feel the same wonder I did when I stood there and took the picture."

Alger Creek by Jeff Grandy 




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