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Stellar Gallery is committed to presenting a diverse selection of contemporary fine art, unique rotating exhibits, and community oriented events that support and promote the visual arts. The gallery offers a dedicated staff, regular hours, and professional service to both our clientele and the artists we represent. 


Gallery Space Rental

Stellar Gallery accepts inquiries from artists and organizations interested in renting gallery space for individual or group exhibits.   


 Fees and Guidelines

Gallery wall space is available at a rate of $300 per month per (approx) 10% of the gallery showroom's total available space. The gallery also receives a 20% commission on works sold.


What we Offer

 The gallery is open and staffed six days a week.  


The gallery offers an on-line calendar on the gallery web site indicating what artists are featured each month, and announcing upcoming and current exhibits. The gallery will also promote new work via Email press releases, and will allow artists to take advantage of the gallery mailing list if they elect to promote their work via direct mail.

Although the gallery will not pay promotional expenses, gallery staff will dedicate a portion of their time to promoting the work of artists currently showing.

If an artist or organization wishes to hold an opening reception, the cost of the reception and all promotional expenses is paid by the artist(s).


Artist showing with the gallery will have a large amount of flexibility regarding what work is shown, however the gallery retains the right to refuse work deemed unacceptable due to content, quality, presentation, or any other issue.   Work must be presented in a professional manner with ample space allotted for each piece presented.  Gallery staff operate as senior curator for all works on display, in order to maintain a high level of quality and professionalism.  The gallery reserves the right to disallow works, and to alter  or disallow methods of display deemed unsuitable by the gallery for any reason.


When compared to a typical gallery arrangement where the gallery takes a 40 to 50% commission on  sales, our business model differs in the following respects. 

  • Higher net return on sales as profits increase.

  • Shared risk. (up-front investment with a possible loss if profits are low.)

  • Regular display of work in a pre-defined space determined by the artist’s investment.

  • Artist has control over what work is show and the amount of space allotted.


Considerations for Art Groups, Guilds, and Organizations.

Stellar Gallery offers the following options  for artists who are members of art groups, guilds, and organizations to showcase their  work through the gallery. Units of 10% (approx 20 linear feet) of gallery wall space are typically available to individual artists for a monthly fee of 300.00 plus 20% commission on sales. 

The cost of gallery space can be divided among group membership.  For example, to reserve a 20’ display area in the gallery, 6 members pay 50.00 monthly, or 3 members pay 100.00 monthly.   Use of the space would be determined based on member contributions. 

With this scenario Stellar Gallery would require works to rotate no more than monthly in order to promote the work effectively.  Using this model group members could show their work on a rotating basis in a professional venue, both promoting their own work, and their organization.


Another option open to the group is to plan an annual exhibit utilizing a larger portion of the gallery.  Once again participation in the exhibit would be determined by group membership based on their financial commitment or by other criteria determined by the membership.  An example of this model is the Annual Tri-County Exhibit put on by Yosemite Sierra Artists the Preview Exhibit held by Sierra Art Trails, and the Duncan Spencer and John Rogers retrospective exhibits.


Our showroom is located at:
Yosemite Gateway Art Center

40982 Highway 41, Suite 1
Oakhurst, California


Our mailing address is:

Stellar Gallery, 40982 Highway 41, Suite 1, Oakhurst, CA 93644

Contact Emails:


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