May 20 to June 21st, 2009

            JOHN - John Rogers Retrospective

                              A Celebration of the Life and Works of photographer John Rogers


Opening Reception Saturday June 6th from 5 to 8 PM


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John Rogers - Composite Photograph - Olive AvenueJohn Barton Rogers began his career in photography processing black and white film in a garage darkroom.  His interest in photography blossomed with the birth of his first daughter, and the purchase of a good single lens reflex camera. While many of his early pictures revolved around family, his love of walking carried him to Venice Beach , California and the broad walk there. An astute and sensitive observer, he shot revealing photos of people in Venice , at LAX and driving the surrounding streets. He soon built a darkroom in the garage and spent many hours working with his photos to bring out the best he could in each shot.

In the sixties photography was still considered by many to be a craft, and very little was available in museum space for the photographer. A photography class at UCLA helped to develop his sense of dramatic light, and started him on a path that lead to his having the first, non professional one man show at the Los Angeles Museum of Science and Industry.  

For many years, John stayed with black and white photography, so he could process his own work. He did shoot many colored slides and when he branched out into digital photography, he converted both black and white negatives and colored slides into digital images.

John Rogers - Composite Photograph - Norma's DreamLater in life he joined the digital revolution, shooting hundreds of pictures a year, and using the transforming tool of the computer to present new and sometimes startling perceptions of the world that surrounded him.  Rogers combined images freely, using montage and computer manipulation techniques to create unique compositions from multiple subjects. 

Starting with Adobe Photoshop 3, Johnís abilities as a computer programmer-analyst and a dark room photographer, led him on a path of photographic manipulation that lead to some of his most lyrical work.

In the late 1990s form, color, and the small details of our world became the focus of his artistic eye. Utilizing a practiced sense of color and graphic design, he sought to expand and enlighten our view of the world through his work.  Rogersí photographs include figurative, landscape, and abstract subjects. His images are emotive, sometimes mysterious, sometimes humorous, and hint at a greater meaning beyond the subject portrayed.

John Rogers - Composite Photograph - FoothillsAs a member of Spectrum Gallery in Fresno , John participated in a number of shows, and in each he tried to extend the use of space to take the photograph out of the frame and off the linear wall. Often his shows would hang in the center of the gallery suspended by nearly invisible fish line, surrounding the viewer and responding to all the air currents in the gallery. He built boxes with interior lighting and collages of negatives and photos. He loved to experiment with space and color and words.

Always the observer, he loved to photograph the natural world around him and collected rocks, scraps of wood and bark, weeds, lichen, leaves, whatever caught his eye and put them into his work. The ranch in Ahwahnee which was his home for over 30 years provided his camera with endless changing vistas to capture and he was taking pictures there until the end of his life.





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