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Lily Pads, Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee by Joseph Holmes        

Joseph Holmes has been photographing wild landscapes, mainly in color, for thirty-eight years.  He is a native of Berkeley, California, and holds a degree in the Conservation of Natural Resources from UC Berkeley.

He has spent a great deal of time exploring American wilderness areas, and  four years as a seasonal backcountry researcher in Yosemite during the 1970's. For most of the last twenty years, his preferred 4x5 camera outfit has weighed in at thirty-four pounds. 

For thirty years He have been pursuing the ultimate color photographic print making process, building darkrooms, custom pieces of exotic lab equipment, and more recently software, mastering several difficult printmaking processes along the way, including silver gelatin black & white, dye transfer, additive Cibachrome, pigment transfer, and finally digital printmaking.

His publications include many posters, the series of Last Wildlands calendars, and three books, including two of the most respected books of landscape photography: "Joseph Holmes Natural Light", The Nature Company 1989, and "Canyons of the Colorado", Chronicle Books 1996.  His unique, additive Cibachromes were the best-selling artwork at The Nature Company for many years. His prints have been widely collected and have appeared in many exhibits.   

 Clearing Winter Storm, Yosemite Valley, CA by Joseph Holmes




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