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          Amy Morgan is a prolific ceramic artist who creates everything from utilitarian wares to complex ceramic sculpture.  Her works are imaginative and very much one-of-a-kind.  Morgan uses creamy low-fire white earthenware for most of her smaller works, and sturdy stoneware for larger sculptures.  Her aesthetic embraces botanical and insect imagery combined with a healthy dose of texture.  Most of her surfaces are hand carved and painted, and covered in sgraffito (carving through a layer of colored clay).  Her pots pulse with a “more is more” attitude!


The artist states; "Lately, I have been inspired by the Valley’s orchards, as are most newcomers to this area! I anticipate that my work will soon integrate more of these lovely columns of trees, their fruit and jumble of branches, and the flocks of blackbirds that gather near."


          Amy Morgan received her MFA from San Diego State University. After receiving her degree she took on the vigorous job of teaching high school and adult education ceramics classes, and a few years later began instructing at the college level.  Over the last eight years, Amy has spread her love for clay to students at San Diego State University, Southwestern College and Fresno City College, while pursuing her own pottery and sculpture-making passion.






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