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Going Deeper

Intimate Landscape, Abstraction, and Visual Haiku


New Works by 5 photographers - Jeff Grandy, Jonathan Bock, Franka Gabler , David Hoffman, and Nancy Robbins


At Stellar Gallery - May 15th through June 14th, 2010

Opening Reception Saturday, May 22nd,  4 to 9 PM


Going Deeper explores trends in fine art photography through the eyes of five contemporary photographers.  Jeff Grandy’s Unfiltered series focuses on the interaction of water, light, and environment resulting in ever-changing abstract compositions. Jonathan Bock seeks to capture subjects with iconic, poetic, or emotive content, visions that speak differently to each viewer in a manner similar to the phrasing and rhythm of Haiku.  David Hoffman is drawn to the natural world, not necessarily to the grand scenes of the California landscape, but usually to quiet, more intimate scenes that are often bypassed without notice.  All five artists find beauty and expression in the intimate details and the countless abstractions found in nature, even in the simplest of settings.


Featuring “Unfiltered” a new body of work by Jeff Grandy  

The artist states; "Photographing the landscape is the best excuse I know of to play in the woods. I'm awed by storm breaks, spring greens, autumn reds, winter woods, ice that shines and waters that dance.  I'm equally intrigued by humble brooks or mountain ranges.  


If someone is motivated to open their eyes a bit wider to the wonders in nature because of my efforts with the photographic craft,  and treat the land with more care as a result, it's time well spent. "


We are also pleased to present, in association with Claire Blotter and Sierra Art Trails...

Going Deeper, Reaching Out


A Performance Poetry Workshop & Performance 

with Claire Blotter  - Saturday, June 12, in Oakhurst 




The Art Exhibit is open to the public from 11 AM to 5 PM, Thursday through Sunday.
Admission to the Exhibit is Free.


Purchase requests for works from the exhibit should be made to Stellar Gallery 559-658-8844  or by email at




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