Stormy Big Sur - Painting by Ron Dias

A Stellar Gallery Special Event

Ron Dias 

Sunday, July 25th - from 3:00-5:00 PM


Artist and animator Ron Dias worked as assistant to Duncan Spencer at MGM in the 1950s.  Join us to share in his remembrances of his work with Duncan as an apprentice and "pot boy" at the beginning of his extensive career as an animator, background artist, illustrator, and art director.

Ron Dias is one of today's outstanding animation artists. Over the past 45 years, Ron has contributed to almost every animation studio in Los Angeles including Disney, MGM, Don Bluth, Chiuck Jones, and Hanna Barbara. His work has appeared on television, in commercials, feature films, Books, Computer Games, and educational films.

While Ron started his career in animation, he made his mark on this art form and has spent the bulk of his career painting beautiful backgrounds for animated features and TV shows. Ron currently works on fine art paintings during his free time. Being the perfectionist that he is, he is not satisfied until his works exhibit the same subtle "magic" that shows through in all of his animation work. 

For more info about the artist visit:

  Pagoda - Artwork by Ron Dias 

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